How to Get the Most from Your Online Marketing Video

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You’ve worked long and hard to produce your online marketing video and it’s ready to share with the world, but how do you go about getting it the attention it deserves? The obvious answer to that question is to post it on several video sharing websites, but that’s simply not enough. You need to let people know about your video and then encourage them to watch it. A good marketing video also engages viewers by giving them the opportunity to comment and share it with others. All this sounds easy, but exactly how do you go about marketing your online marketing video? Here are some helpful tips that can help you get the most exposure for your online marketing video:

1. Start with the title.

Give your video an interesting title that sparks people’s interest. Consider it like a newspaper headline, also called a “tease,” because it should make readers want to delve deeper into the article to find out more. You’ll also want to incorporate relevant keywords, but don’t just guess. Look at your website, as well as similar websites to see the words used to describe your type of business and then think about the words and phrases that people commonly input to search engines in order to find it.

2. Utilize VSEO techniques.

Video Search Engine Optimization is the newest marketing buzzword, but VSEO means using many of the same basic SEO techniques for your written content as you would for your marketing video. Search engines can’t watch your video, so they use textual hints instead. This means you’ll want to optimize the meta content you embed within the video file itself. Add the same keywords used in your title to your description and tags. Don’t forget to include your main title keywords in the actual file name of the video, as well. If the video sharing site has a description box, start with your URL first, then add a short description using your targeted keywords.

3. Map it.

Another effective way to attract search engines to your marketing video is to catalog your video files in your video site map and media XML files. Your web pages can serve as a map for search engines like Google if you embed your videos into pages on your site that relate to your video. If you aren’t sure exactly how to map your online marketing video, the Google help pages explains the process in depth.

4. Use an interesting thumbnail.

On most video sharing sites, like YouTube, you have the opportunity to use a frame from your video. In fact, most video sharing sites will automatically create a few to choose from, so pick an attractive and engaging thumbnail. Most of these sites have specific instructions in their help pages on how to do this, as well.

5. Brand it.

You can add a text box to your video to show your website’s URL and add some brief, key information about your business. Another way to brand your video is to display your company logo on the screen. The logo should be noticeable, but not intrusive. You can choose to show it throughout the video, but to avoid annoying and therefore, losing your viewers, try to show it at times throughout the video that you feel is relevant.

6. Start a buzz.

video-wall-online-marketing-videoSend emails and supply your video link to as many related websites, forums and blogs as possible. You can comment on a forum and add your video link, but be sure to check their rules to make certain it is not a violation of their policy. Go to forums and blog sites that are fitting instead of posting randomly. You can also send emails to people on your email contact lists to ask them to spread the word. You should post or add a link to your video on all of your social media accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook, too.

7. Post in related video sections.

When you post your online marketing video on various video-sharing sites, look for videos with a high number of views and similar content and then add your video link as a related video in the comments area. You can also look at these high-ranking videos and use similar keywords in your own video tags to help search engines find your video easily.

8. Encourage comments and “likes.”

Wherever you post your online marketing video, you can spark interest by commenting on your own video and “Liking” it, too. Ask others to do the same to help create a domino effect. You can try ending your video with a call to action or a question – it’s human nature to want to respond accordingly. Engage your audience by encouraging them to share their views and experiences with you.

9. Make your viewers want to see more.

While creating your first marketing video, consider the big picture. The best approach is to make a series of small, engaging videos that logically relate to each other. That way, you can avoid forcing your viewers to watch a long, drawn out video. If they want to see more, you can provide a link to the next video. Try to keep the length of your marketing video between two and four minutes at most.

With these simple tips, you will get the most exposure possible for your online marketing video. Remember to be creative – don’t just toss a sales pitch out there – provide your viewers with interesting, but authoritative content. Engage your viewers by requesting their input and don’t be afraid to let everyone know about your video. You’ll be delighted by the great results you’ll get using VSEO and other online video marketing tools. With just a little bit of effort, your video can draw more attention to your business and attract new customers.

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