The Second Stage of the Video Production Process: Production

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Although the production stage is often the shortest of the three stages within the video production process, pre-production, production and post-production, it’s the most important, because there’s usually only one opportunity to film the footage required. In order to reshoot, the weather conditions, environments, attire and grooming must be identical and scheduling conflicts often arise. In addition, reshoots add to production expenses. Here are the key players you need to have in place to make certain things go smoothly throughout the production stage:

The Star of the Show: Your Director

This may surprise you, but this person is by far the star of the show. The production stage begins with your director and ends with your director, so make sure you have the best you can find and afford. Everyone needs to listen to the director carefully. The director also manages the shooting schedule, so all participants must double check with them, so they know when to appear on the set. Your director tells the actors what to do and say, and is the one who coordinates the entire production process from start to finish.

Behind the Scenes Superstars: Your Crew

The crew handles everything to do with the set. They are the ones who make sure all the equipment is set up, tested to make sure it works, and safely secured with tape and sandbags. They also break everything down at the end of the shoot. In addition, they evaluate the shooting area and check the audio. They also place all of the props and signage for the shoot and make sure all security precautions are in order.

Front and Center: Your Actors/ Talent

The talent must be aware of their schedules, so they show up when the director needs them there for the shooting. In addition, all of the talent must be familiar and comfortable with the environment, so they don’t look awkward and out of place. They also are responsible for their general appearance and must arrive well rested and ready to shoot. Your talent should be professionals who follow the director’s cues closely.

Making Everyone Look Fabulous: Your Makeup Artist

Not every shoot requires a Makeup Artist, but when necessary, it is the makeup artist’s sole responsibility to ensure your talent looks their very best. They should have the expertise to take lighting conditions, environmental factors and various skin types into consideration. They aren’t just responsible for make-up; they can also check hairstyles, wardrobes and the general appearance of your talent, too.

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All of these key players contribute to the success of your video production. Each one of them is important, but all of them must communicate and cooperate as a team in order for things to go smoothly. Everyone needs to understand their role in the production, as well as the schedule and location. For these reasons, if you take your time to hire professionals with skills and experience, the production will be a success, and you can move on to the third and final stage, post-production.

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