Why You Should Avoid Producing Your Own Marketing Videos


If you needed a root canal, you would see a specially trained dental professional to help you, right? The same goes for video production. When done by an amateur, it looks that way; you only have one chance to put your best foot forward using an online marketing video.

A well-constructed, professionally polished video encourages your website visitors to stay longer, return more often and encourages them to share the news about your business. The best outcome possible, one that is easily attainable with an effective online marketing video, is when people feel compelled to not only become your customer, but to continue being a customer for many years to come.

Once you have made the decision to produce an online marketing video, the next step is to choose how to accomplish it. Although modern advancements in technology, such as inexpensive video cameras and editing software have made it simpler to make your own video, the process is not as easy as it appears. Self-produced marketing videos are best suited for personal blogs, not for your business. Here are some important reasons why you should consider hiring a video production company:

Professional Expertise

It is crucial to create a professional looking video with the perfect mixture of quality audio, music, properly directed camera footage, motion graphics, and professional editing. This marketing video is one of the things your potential customers will use to decide whether or not they want to do business with you. When it comes to video, even the tiniest mistake seems magnified, which drives people away. Video production is a combination of art and science, and video production professionals spend a large amount of time studying and perfecting their skills. Most professional video companies have the experience to know what works online and does not, because they create videos day in and day out.

Positive Public Image

Why spend your time and money on an online marketing video that is going to detract from your business image? Shaky footage, poor audio and inconsistent storylines all make your business look unprofessional and may even turn potential customers away. It is worth investing the money to post a video on your website that makes people want to use your business. You have a limited amount of opportunities to project a positive public image, so why waste that on an amateurish video that makes people want to hit the exit button?

Post Production

A good video production company understands post production and uses it to take your marketing video to the next level. They take the time during post production to color correct the video footage, adjust sound and music, remove unneeded frames and much more. They can also make certain that your video is clear and concise, flowing logically from beginning to end. Another important benefit is that a good video production company understands the latest marketing and advertising concepts, such as branding and viewer engagement, and utilizes them throughout the process.

Quality Equipment and Manpower

Interview-marketing-video-productionProfessional video production companies utilize the latest state-of-the-art cameras, computers and software to ensure you receive the highest quality online marketing video possible. Professional video producers have years of study, practice and experience and have developed an eye and ear in order to produce an effective video that will make your business stand out above the rest. Video production equipment and technologies are constantly changing, and only the best video production companies keep up with the changes of consumer tastes and video viewing habits. It is the job of the professionals to create engaging videos while you grow your business.

Save Time and Stress

By leaving the specifics to a professional video production company, you are free to do what you need to do: manage your company. They have the staff and expertise to take your video from concept to completion. This spares you a huge amount of time and worry, because the production company will find and hire actors, musicians, lighting technicians, video editors, advertising experts and music crews for you; however, they confer with you along the way, so you have a certain measure of creative control.

Save Money

Although it seems like a large expense to hire a video production company, consider the money saved by not having to purchase all of the expensive video equipment and software needed to make your video. In addition, you’ll save the expense of hiring and paying the manpower necessary to work both in front of, and behind the camera to help create your online marketing video. The video production company works with the same basic crew and each professional understands their role in the process, so they can produce your video quicker and more efficiently than if you put together your own crew. Time is money – and it takes time for a newly formed crew to learn how to communicate and cooperate with each other.

Video Production is a Partnership

You can consider the video production company that you hire as a partner to your business success. They work with you from beginning to end, creating a script for the video and then they hone it to reflect your voice and company vision. The video production company experts will help you develop a concept, create storyboards and scripts, plan the entire production and then create a set that results in a video that is professional and polished, improving the public image of your business exponentially.

Professional video creators study, train, produce and practice to develop the knowledge and expertise needed to create compelling and engaging videos that tell your story in the most effective and impactful manner. In other words, they are highly skilled at converting web visitors to loyal customers who will spread the word about your business to many others.

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