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We're a video production company owned by a couple that loves to create! As a husband and wife team our goal is simple: treat each and every client with honesty and integrity while producing content that is conceptually interesting, visually stunning, and stands the test of time. We believe, when done right, a good marketing video has the power to attract attention and drive sales. Video Builders is currently offering video production services in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco. Head on over and Meet the Team, or check out our Video Gallery.

"Video Builders is the only company we'll work with for our videos. We've produced 9 different projects with them and have been thrilled with every one. They're easy to work with and our customers are always impressed with them as well. " -Chad Buckmaster, Processing Point

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Drive Sales

You have one goal: growth. By utilizing effective marketing tools like our video services, you'll attract people to your company, in turn, driving sales on the web.

Our Promise

We take the time to learn your business. Anyone can produce a "cool" video, but does that video reach the target audience and serve its intended purpose?

Shelf Life

We produce high-end video content, not only because it looks good, but because we want your video to live a long life within your marketing tool box.

Types of Videos

Our company specializes in corporate, marketing, about us, animated, explainer, web, viral, sales, events, testimonial, training and orientation videos.


Producing, Consulting, Casting, Location Scouting, Designing, Script Development, Story Boarding.


Videography, Directing, Documentary, Jib and Dolly, Voice Overs, Steadicam, Interviews, Lighting, Sound Recording.


Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Animation, 3D Modeling, Sound Editing, Graphic Design, Web Design.

Areas We Serve

In addition to our national reach, we primarily market our video production services to San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Are you an Entrepreneur?

video production company San Diego

As an entrepreneur, you may currently run a company, are in the start-up phases, or are simply thinking about starting a company down the road. If you are reading this, it's because you are looking for video production services; another way to attract more prospects to your business.

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Are you a Decision Maker?

video production company San Francisco

As the decision maker within your company, you need to locate the best, most experienced, affordable video production company to handle every aspect of your video. Not only do you need this video yesterday, but you don't have time to babysit this process. Let us explain.

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Are you an Agency?

Los Angeles video production company

As an agency, your number one goal is keeping your clients happy. You also know what quality videos look like. Most likely you've worked with a few video production companies. They may produce great videos, but they aren't the best communicators, and are way too expensive.

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Just doing research?

corporate video Los Angeles

Need video production services, but have no idea where to start? Most likely, you have an idea in your head for the perfect video, but can't seem to locate the right professional. View some of our examples, get some ideas, do a little more research, and get back to us when you're ready.

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